1 Makino A71 Horizontal 50 Taper, 500mm Pallets, 28.74x28.74x31.49, XYZ
The a71 is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for high-volume machining of parts made of cast iron and light alloys.
2 Kiwas HNK-400
1 KIWA HNK-400 Horizontal Machining Center with 6 pallet changer, 12,000 RPM spindle, and 120 tool changer.
Miyano BNE 34-S3
1 Miyano BNE 34-S3 5 axis turning center with Bar Feeder, Sub Spindle, Live Tooling.
6 YCI 1020A
YCI Supermax XV-1020A Vertical Machining Center with MXP100i Control.
3 Sielo Mach 3A
3 Saeilo Mach 3A Horizontal Machining Centers with 2 pallet changer.
Miyano JNC-45
1 Miyano JNC-45S CNC Lathe with 1 3/4" X 12' Bar Feeder capacity, Sub Spindle.
Use the T5C to eliminate second and third operations by automatically repositioning parts to a new angle. All four versions of the T5C increase productivity by reducing manual parts handling and tool changes. Utilize the full 360-degrees of spindle rotation and 240-degrees of tilt to reach virtually any angle. Plus, you can operate full-4th and 5th-axis.
Mitutoyo B231 CMM With GEOPAC 2000 SOFTWARE
1 Mitutoyo B231 Coordinate Measuring Machine with Geopac 2000 Software.
1 Mitutoyo AE11 Coordinate Measuring Machine.
SKT21 CNC Turning Center
High Productivity, Versatile & Integrated Lathe
  • High Speed, High Accuracy
  • High Rigidity, ensures Long Tool Life and Machining Accuracy
  • Integrated Operation
  • Easy Control
  • Convenient Operation
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